Monday, 29 October 2012

Five by five

Five by five!

Two game days have passed since last post in EBEL league, numerous games were played in other leagues. 

Nope, never again going to look at Detroit the same
None were played in "best pro league". NHL even cancelled their schedule for November. 

Even Obama commented on the lockout, he wasn't too happy about it and made a point in telling both to NHL and NHLPA that they're here because of the fans. And that they should find a way to work it out as soon as possible. American guy telling NHL how to make it work. 

Atleast they didn't have him play a hockey game and score a GWG just like Putin did some time ago.

Someone told NHL players there here to play hockey...

so they came this weekend to EBEL and did some work (chart below is blatantly stolen from a poster on a Medvescak fan and supporters group on FB). 

Olimpija Ljubljana: Jan Mursak - 10/21 (2,10)
Medvescak Zagreb: Dustin Jeffrey - 6/9 (1,50)
Orli Znojmo: Bryan Bickell - 6/9 (1,50)
HC Innsbruck: Andreas NÖDL - 8/11 (1,37)
Graz 99ers: Thomas Vanek - 8/10 (1,25)
Villacher SV: Michael Grabner - 7/8 (1,14)
Klagenfurter AC: Sam Gagner - 4/4 (1,00)
Vienna Capitals: Corey Potter - 7/2 (0,28)
EC Salzburg: Tobias Enström - 2/1 (0,50)
Klagenfurter AC: Tyler Myers 4/1 (0,25)

Obviously some players upped their performance, some just started to play but thats quite a nice number of NHLers playing in the league so far. Andy Noodles managed to score a couple of goals this weekend. I'm assuming he got acclimatized to nice Alpine air.
Andreas Nödl's happy face
Or he just forgot what they mage him to in Carolina and started playing some hockey. He even managed to help his team win a second game of the season. Yay Noodles! Good job buddy!

Auld got outmatched by a rookie 18 year old goalie Luka Gračnar 
Salzburg sacked another player. After letting go of Nick Ross they decided to part ways with Ryan Kinasewich, an East coaster with brief AHL stints. Apparently they've parted friendly, but there are always rumorus. Anyways, Salzburg recently brought up three new guys. After signing a NHL goalie this summer, Alex Auld of Senators who had 3,73 GAA and only .885 SVS% they decided to bring another Austrian powerhouse back home. 
Bernd Brückler returns home from KHL team Sibir to a star team EC Red Bull Salzburg. 

Berndy's angry face inside a mask. He wears #26 these days
After Bernd came back home (he's still hated not liked by OEHV, Austrian federation, though why it remains a mistery) RBS decided to hire more NHL lockout players. First it came on Tobias Enström to sign and manage the defense of the team. Just two days later they brought a Devil to the game, David Clarkson came to play and is supposedly here to stay regardless of lockout issues ending or not. Still wasn't enough to win games. 

Sammy Gagner upped his game with two goals against Salzburg and is coming into shape. Wonder if he'll be fit for playoffs or he'll watch them again on TV?

Medveščak is on fire so far. 

Six games, six victories in a row and two home back to back games coming up should be enough to tie in a franchise record and possibly set a new one. Current record is 7 games in a row and Raymond's team set it up last year starting with a win in Graz. New one can be set up by a win in Graz again, in a last game before IIHF break, on 4th of November. Vanek, boys are ready for payback.

Out of these few victories in a row, last 4 were won with 5 goals scored each game. 5:0 against Innsbruck (on road), 5:2 against Sapa Fehervar AV19, 5:1 against Linz (on road, reigning champions) and last night 5:1 against EC VSV from Villach who were current leaders. 

The Bears haven't lost a home game since outdoor games in Pula were played, almost two months ago. 

Team is on fire now, each game a different line stands up and goes "crazy". Yesterday it was time for a 4th line start the show with a SH1 goal that was set up by Kostović, a player with over 400 NLA games. A few minutes later hi tallied his second goal of the season which proved to be a GWG goal as well. Dustin Jeffrey (Pittsburgh Penguins) a player Carslberg Croatia, and their brand PAN, helped bring over is slowly getting more and more points, so far he's on 1.6ppg and 9 points out of 6 games played.

Dario Kostović scoring a GWG goal against EC VSV (Photo: Igor Šoban)
Whats next, we'll see tomorrow, the team is hot now, but coming 4th of November up to three players will need to be let go. Too many points and rosters are getting fixed. Who will stay, who will go is a big question that everyone is asking. Only time will tell...

Anyone wondered where Stewart and Simmonds are?

Stewart and Simmonds in an "on ice bromance" in Czech Republic
Well we found them! After driving off into sunset and ditching the team in Crimmitschau, and setting it up for their Leaf believer buddy Clarke MacArthur, Simmonds and Stewart drove to Czech republic to have some good time. Later that night someone steered them towards Liberec where they got signed. Looks like the boys were having time for only two games until the racist slur started. 

Click on link to watch Czech fans yelling "Opice, opice" meaning "monkeys, monkeys" after a scram on the ice involving Simmonds. That's not nice. Shame on you bad Czech hockey fans!

We just hope that Simmonds and Steweart will hop on soon to a new destination in Europe as this is a perfect time for them to see the world. And play some hockey while fooling around. Oh you bad boys!

BTNL jerseys and a young RB Crashed ice champ in Netherlands
Plus - can't let this slide by. Another wave of qualifications for Red Bull Crashed Ice has passed. And imagine what, my friend's best workout place in Canada got sported by this young athlete. Good job Dan, apparently the quality of your work spreads far and beyond! Check out this great video done by Beyond the next level team!

Tomorrow is an another game day in EBEL league, so expect another update on the league pretty soon. And pretend you like it, means a world to me. Until then, best regards and keep your sticks on the ice, head up and feet moving.


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